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We help companies manage employees' recruitment, placement, evaluation, compensation, development, weekly/monthly rota, timesheets, leave, absenteeism, payslip, staff loans, appraisals, tax and many more.

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Great and Roboust Functions

The simplest Human Resource Management System ever

Recruitment and Hiring Automation

As applications start pouring in, HRMS applicant tracking system (ATS) automatically accepts (and rejects) candidates based on predetermined criteria.

Rota Management

Helps Make shift planning seamless as HRMS enables managers to effectively allocate both core and overtime shifts acurrately

Employee Information Management

Keeps all of your employees’ information linked to the main record, for ease of tracking and reporting

Clock In and Out Seamlessly

HRMS enables easy management and calculation of employees' work hours by enabling employees record their arrival and departure times.

Full-Service payroll

HRMS enables you run payroll as often as you like, or even choose multiple payroll schedules for different employees. It also helps in generating payroll reports which can be filtered according to predefined criteria.


For future reference to your data, EMB Human Resource Management App provides easy access to standard and accurate data which may be used for investigation and analysis

Easy to use and customise

Human Resource Management System gives you the flexibility to customise your records as you would like.

Use on Mobile and Tablets

It's 2020, so why not? Human Resource Management System can be used on smart phones, tablets as well as PCs.

Easy to access Records

If you have lots of records, there is no need to scroll endlessly, you can search and filter records to get the desired result.


The Human Resource Management System will allow secure access to operational information such that only authorized users can access the database of the internal backend systems. Any user upon login will only be allowed access to documents in the system to the extent allowed for the user role. There will be audit and notification for security admins of every user visit and access to the system. We will employ secure cookie technology in tracking users and session timeouts for securing user sessions.


It works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE, and any popular modern browser you use in your office without any problem.

World Class Administration

EMB Human Resource Management System (dms) enables System Admins define roles, permissions and assign login access to users and to configure the system security and access control settings.

Real-time on-the-fly data access and report generation

There’s no need to wait till day ends, weekends, month ends, or year ends for your reports. With EMB Human Resource Management System reporting is an integral part of your business process and it’s on a real-time.

Truly Paperless

When you get a fully integrated EMB Human Resource Management System there are no gaps in data capture, information storage or reporting capabilities. You can capture and report everything you want and not have any need to maintain any paper-based records.

Accessibility Compliant

Human Resource Management System can be used by disabled people. It uses colour coding to visually portray the status of information it displays for easy understanding


We pride ourselves with the UK support standard and service level agreements standards. Therefore, we provide 24/7 support when needed

About Human Resource management system(HRMS)

With the EMB Human Resource App, any repetitive processes will be automated alongside existing automated processes to eliminate redundancy and save time. Alerts and Reminders can easily be set-up and stopped either automatically when triggered by system events or as at when required by Users.

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