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Case Management System

Are you a Lawyer experiencing poor client relationship management, problems associated with handling large client's files, difficulty in categorizing and capturing client cases, absence of an effective archiving system etc? Worry no more because Casefee got your operations covered. Casefee helps you manage your clients efficiently. You can create client profile, update your clients’ account details and view your clients’ information in various formats. Casefee helps you to easily categorize and capture client cases at a go. With Casefee, you can store client files against their records and archive old records on every dashboard, you can view and restore archived records

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Oil and Gas Management System

Are you an oil and gas company experiencing management headache? Is it due to poor stock control, delayed reports or missing invoices? Are you losing revenue due to sales at stale prices, insider trading, theft, under payment, difficulty in tracking those who owe you, excess loading of products to your customers, high cost of running multiple branches, bad customer relationship Management, employee management issues, product advertisement problems and many more. EMB oil and gas management system is all you need. It manages oil and gas plants, terminal, depot, products, pricing, HSE compliance, payment, customers, nominations, inventory, accounts, product-loading; tracks sales and generates invoices

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Front Office Visitors Management System

The Front Office Visitors Management System App (VMS) provides an arranged and classified record of all your visitors in a well presentable format with data accuracy. Front Office VMS captures visitors information including their photos and gives an efficient control of traffic in and out of your office. Front Office VMS provides an easy access to standard and accurate data which may be used for investigation and analysis in the future.

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Inventory Management System

Running a successful inventory management operation can be tough, luckily our system is available and able to take a lot of pain out of the process. Our software gives smaller businesses the ability to stay competitive while also aiding larger companies with their more complex daily operations. With our Inventory Management System, the cost of running your business is drastically reduced, inventory accuracy and efficiency is assured. It also helps you to streamline and centralize the process for controlling the flow and maintenance of inventory to ensure that the right amount of inventory is available at the right time and of the right quality. The Stock Control Module enables users define new product and service lines and manage existing ones. It allows for product & service differentiation and categorization as well as barcoding of stocks with sales monitoring and audit.

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Document Management System

Document Management System manages users, people, projects etc. It helps you track, store documents electronically and intelligently thereby reducing papers. EMB-ERP Document Management System enables businesses to run their organization with more power and efficiency from computerization and workflow creation to customizability and control. It has an automated document integrity with version control monitor. DMS clears your desk and makes it easy to access documents, invoices online and on the go.

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School Management System

Are you a Chancellor, Vice Chancellor or Principal having trouble in managing your students, exams, timetables, staff and course records? No worries, EMB School Management System (SMS) got your back. EMB School Management System helps you define and capture prospective students’ details with real time updates. EMB SMS helps in managing students, courses, exams, timetables, academic and non-academic Staff. It archives past students’ details and results. It has been designed to bring parents, teachers, administrative staff and students on a common interactive platform. It manages the school accounts automatically thereby eliminating the chances of error and providing accuracy in figures.

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Delivery and Collection Alert System

Are you a Receptionist or a Mail Room Personnel experiencing delays in informing your colleagues when they have letters and other deliveries? Are you pissed-off that your colleagues are constantly calling your office to ask if they have a delivery? have you been faced with missing deliveries or occasions where you could not tell whether a delivery has been collected by the recipient or not? Worry no more because EMB Alert System got you covered. It manages mails both incoming and outgoing, deliveries and send alert to recipients for collection and It stores all sent mails.

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Personnel Management System

Personnel Management System is for Human Resource Personnel undergoing poor clients or employee relationship, inability to manage your employees, inability to plan weekly and monthly rota track staff, inability to manage employees’ salary i.e. payroll for the current month etc.With Personnel Management System, it helps you manage your employees through their attendance to work, leave, absence & more. PMS helps you to plan weekly and monthly rota track staff attendance Clock-Ins & Clock-Outs. Personnel Management System also helps you to manage employee payroll and track their work hours automate wage or salary payment.

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Retail Management System

Are you a Retailer or Businessman/woman currently experiencing difficulty in managing suppliers and orders from customers, decline in sales revenue? Don’t worry EMB Retail Management System got your retail business covered. Retail Management System manages customers & suppliers, inventories, deliveries and equally sales. It awards customers discount and allows for real-time order management. EMB RMS is helpful in running a retail store or chain and handling store functions such as buying inventories, checking out customers, scheduling employee shifts and keeping track of finances. EMB Retail Management System makes retail operations easier, faster, better and efficient

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EMB Awesome Features

Easy Record Accessibility

EMB is built to be used by both skilled and unskilled computer users. Its interface design follows the principles of simplicity and consistency.

Security and Access Control

EMB runs over https using SSL encryption and employ intrusion detection mechanism to thwart cyber-attacks.EMB is deployed in the cloud using Amazon Web Service, Jelatic cloud or vision web hosting.

Truly Paperless

You get a fully integrated System that ensures there are no gaps in your duties such as data capturing, information storage or reporting capabilities. Everything is captured and reports generated upon request and there’s no need to maintain any paper-based records.


EMB allows you Customize your own work environment, system admins, security policies, employee user accounts, access control and much more the way you want them. It also allows you to easily configure what you want each employee to have access to such that you grant them access to only what you want them to have access to.

Omni Channel Support

EMB supports Smart phones, Tablets and Desktop devices and will display consistent information regardless of the device accessing the system.

Process Simplification

EMB integrates your different organizational processes into one seamless process, allowing you to work in a wizard- like process flow if required,connecting one process or unit of work to another from within your current location on the interface..

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